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Adopting a Digital First Mindset

Shaping the proposition for the new customer demand and then delivering a first-class digital-first user experience is no longer a choice but a requirement for Service Providers in order to win the consumer battle. This means re-thinking all process, technologies and customer touchpoints associated with discovery, onboarding and customer lifecycle management of the telco service.

Discover in our whitepaper how you can harness the power of digital and create exceptional digital journeys for your digitally-savvy users.

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Understand the digital-first mindset for MNOs and MVNOs' subscribers



How to develop it explained with examples of how you can develop a digital-first strategy that will drive exceptional journeys for your users



Understand the blockers and enablers of the success of this strategy; including eSIM, in-app subscriber management, modern KYC processes and more

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Oasis Smart Sim is a French and Singapore-based company providing a range of solutions for eSIM, iSIM and Cloud SIM deployment on 4G and 5G networks. Oasis provides high-end Operating Systems deployable on a wide range of hardware and software solutions, as well as in house-developed network software for remote management of eSIM, iSIM and Cloud SIM content both in consumer and IoT space supplied from a secure data centre certified by the GSMA. Since January 2021, Oasis is part of the Tata Communication family, one of the world’s leading provider of digital ecosystem enablement of network solutions.