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Understanding eSIM IoT and the Benefits to the Ecosystem

With GSMA eSIM IoT specification expected in the first half of 2023 and associated certification requirements and processes second half of 2023, eSIM IoT is bringing screen-free devices the same provisioning capability as the M2M specification but using the consumer architecture. The overall will of the ecosystem is to horizontalize the architecture and improve interoperability.
Ahead of the standard, market-driven initiatives are investigating migration from eSIM M2M to eSIM Consumer anticipating eSIM IoT to be available.
Are we ready for this change?
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Watch This Webinar to Understand :

  • The market challenges of eSIM IoT deployment.

  • The technical challenges of eSIM IoT, focusing on two main features Push and IPA.

    Specific market segment expectations in Automotive.

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