Watch the interview with our CEO, Olivier Leroux and CMO, Jean-Christophe Tisseuil

The Semiconductor Shortage: What It Means for Telecoms

With the lead time for semiconductors increasing dramatically over the past two years, resulting in widespread scarcity. This has led to a decrease in productivity and revenue for many. 

The shortage however represents the perfect opportunity for telecoms to embrace digitisation and to work with stable SIM-providers to develop end-to-end, future proof and fully customisable solutions. 

In this video, our own Oliver Leroux, CEO & Jean-Christophe Tisseuil, CMO discuss how the industry reached this point. and the work Oasis Smart SIM has achieved in ensuring telecoms meet their chip needs whilst engaging in a gradual eSIM transition. 

Your DP+ AND DP-SR Strategy

Transition Seamlessly from SIM to eSIM

The semiconductor shortage had a deep effect on the telecom industry. Today, it looks critical for Service Providers to begin planning a mid-term strategy that will digitalize their supply chain and shield them from additional chip shortage expansion. With Oasis Smart SIM, an eSIM specialist company and subsidiary of Tata Communications Limited:

  • Implement an eSIM strategy to digitize SIM distribution 

  • Prioritize business continuity between your SIM & eSIM supplies with a player helping you to switch seamlessly

  • Partner with a strong and resourceful group supporting your connectivity projects


Part of the Tata Communications Group

Oasis Smart Sim is a French and Singapore-based company providing a range of solutions for eSIM, iSIM and Cloud SIM deployment on 4G and 5G networks, owning one of the three GSMA certified sites in France. Our mission is empower MNOs, MVNOs, OEMs and Iot SP's to deliver on the eSIM promise without getting let down by the challenges around infrastructure and technology.

We offer a series of GSMA-certified hardware and software, smart connectivity management frameworks paired with 30 years of expertise in the SIM market from the management board. Since January 2021, Oasis has become a subsidiary of Tata Communication Limited, a global leader in providing MVNE services. We partner with Tata Communications to offer other elements of a full spectrum of the IoT platform including connectivity management, BSS and OSS support should this be required.